A:  My uncle has just offered me a position in his company, but I don't like it. 

B:  If I were you, I would accept the job. It might not be the best job for you, but



A:  I want to buy this car. It looks really great!!

B: Oh. I suggest you have a test drive with someone who knows cars well

      before you decide.  .


A:  I love this house. I guess I'm going to buy it. 

B:  Be careful, you know  !!

      Just because something appears valuable does not mean that it really is.


A:  I don't believe those rumors about Ted and Liza, but apparently they're 

      dating since June.

B: Oh, please. Don't be so naive!! You know perfectly well what they say, 



A:  Honey, here's the list of the things I'm going to buy next month when

       you get that money back.

B: OK, darling. I know you would love to buy all those new things, but please



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